The Power of One Moment

In The Moment

A book that explains how one brief moment could move mountains

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, December 7, 2020 / -- It has been a long-held belief, and rightfully so, that one moment can change the world. The decisions made and the events that unfold in a split-second could mean the difference between happiness and sorrow, success and failure, even life and death, though we don’t know it yet at that very instant. The power of one moment is detailed in author Mick E. Jones’ book, In the Moment, where he shares his thoughts as well as his relationship with God.

An accomplished athlete, poet, inspirational speaker, actor, singer, and all-around talent, Jones is an amazing source of spiritual guidance for people from all walks of life. His passion and drive are very infectious and are enough to spur someone into action, to pursue either their dreams, or simply just to get through the day if they are having a hard time. His works are great for those who are inquisitive and have a penchant for gaining more information.

Jones’ book reveals how each moment, whether spent for greatness or otherwise, has a ripple effect in our lives. He shares how an instantaneous event can have a huge difference in one’s life. Within its pages is a combination of events, thoughts, questions, reflections, and more, leading to revealing how his perception for his purpose got deeper because of all of them.

This is a good book to add to the collections of readers who wish to know more about life and how each moment that passes can be used to move mountains. Grab your copy now!

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