Songwriter Says His Song About Defeated, Outgoing President Trump is "To Help America Sing Again and Re-Unite"

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The Song "Trumpty Dumpty" is to Help Americans Ponder How Trump, a Tyrant and Mocker of Democracy, Even Made it to the White House

Trump should be served with lawsuits for dereliction of duty and negligent manslaughter over his incompetent, ignorant mishandling of the COVID virus that has cost this nation nearly 300,000 lives.”
— James E. Shaw, Ph.D.
LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2020 / -- Concerned and disturbed about events in the White House since President Trump’s 2020 meteoric campaign loss, James E. Shaw wrote the music and lyrics for “Trumpty Dumpty: Faking America Great!” The song is registered with Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) and distributed by iTunes, Pandora, AmazonMusic, GooglePlayMusic, and some 46 other internet music-streaming sites. The song pulls no punches as Shaw’s group EARTH DANCE’s Puerto Rico-born singer belts out the sizzling hot lyrics amid a searing cha-cha dance beat.

Shaw says “Trumpty Dumpty: Faking America Great!” “is a protest song to remind all Americans” that "democracy is a precious tool" that led to the "overwhelming and irreversible defeat of Trump." Shaw says, "Fake President Donald Trump is the biggest loser and unparalleled--a virtually thoughtless anti-American tyrant who crossed political borders" and, sadly, "forged his alliances with white supremacists and erected his own personal wall to shut out the nation’s minorities , diverse cultures, and anything else that frightens him.”

Shaw says that American people have a “well-documented history of virtually, automatically” learning and predicating their responsive behaviors around national protest songs that eventually become classic anthems. “If one analyzes popular American songs, including protest songs, there are ideas, truisms, calls to action, and a foundational spirit inspired and cemented by optimism and faith inherent in almost all of America’s renowned songs.” Shaw says, “I am deeply appreciative” that American protest song icon, Bob Dylan, “tweeted me that he likes my song, ’Trumpty Dumpty: Faking America Great!’”

Shaw says, “I am honored that The U.S.A. Songwriting Competition has presented me with its “Finalist” award, and that a host of internet music-streaming websites have signed on to distribute “Tumpty Dumpty: Faking America Great.” Shaw adds: “What more can a songwriter ask than for listeners to sing and dance to spoken truths embellished by powerful rhythms and true events-based lyrics, eloquently and elegantly conveyed by a group such as EARTH DANCE? Protest songs are an American tradition, and what a great American tradition we have, without a doubt, in our United States!" Shaw's song ends with the singer telling Trump that the people want him to go back to where he came from.

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